The companies we will live off of in the future will drop Norway in favour of the USA, warns the industry.

Now they are calling for better support schemes here at home, writes NRK.

Hydrogen Pro has its head office in Porsgrunn, but is currently planning a brand new factory in Texas, USA.

The reason is simple.

There, the industry receives significant tax and duty relief.

Today it is out of the question to set up fabrication and production in Norway, says Tarjei Johansen, managing director of the company.

After US President Joe Biden launched an enormous economic climate package that will help businesses to adapt and cut emissions, foreign companies have flocked to the US.

This also benefits Norwegian companies, such as Hydrogen Pro from Porsgrunn.

For them alone, Biden’s climate package means demand in the billions.

In Norway, it is therefore more attractive to invest in American projects than to produce at home.

We see a tendency for jobs in Norway to disappear, says Johansen.

But Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre (Ap) does not fear investment leaks from Norway to the USA as a result of the IRA (President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act).

It is very good that the Americans have finally joined the climate fight. If you compare the size of the American economy with the Norwegian one, we are doing far more in Norway to accelerate the green shift, he believes.

The Minister of Industry believes that “the Norwegian way” is still the best way to go in order to strengthen the country’s competitiveness.

In Norway, we have competed to be the best in subjects, restructuring and getting the most out of resources. That is our recipe for success. We have been on this fast track for a long time, concludes Vestre.

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