Trond Giske is clear on what he believes is the reason why so many voters leave the party: the power crisis – and how the party handles it.

Former Ap deputy leader Trond Giske spoke at the party’s national meeting on Friday pointing to the electricity crisis as the explanation as to why Ap is doing so poorly in the surveys at the moment.

Giske made a clear call to his own party:

The Energy Committee says we must have lower prices in Norway than in Europe. Then we must have control over foreign trade with force, said Giske from the podium.

It was clear that these are not thoughts Giske is alone in. He was greeted with loud applause from the hall.

Giske has his supporters in the party and the current leadership has many opponents when it comes to the energy policy being pursued.

NTB-Marie De Rosa reports on the case.

Should have entered into a power compromise

The Labor Party’s national meeting will adopt a new energy policy on Friday. The party’s energy committee, chaired by Stavanger mayor Kari Nessa Nordtun, will among other things, limit foreign price contagion on Norwegian electricity and has proposed several measures to bring electricity prices down.

VG writes on Friday morning that a compromise has been reached at the national meeting on how the electricity market should be regulated.

The newspaper does not have the details of the compromise, which will be made public later on Friday.

According to Giske, prices will remain as high as abroad as long as power flows in and out of Norway.

Now the power flows freely in the cables. Then the price will be the same at both ends, he said in his post.

This is exactly what Norwegian electricity customers have experienced in their wallets over the past year.

The electricity crisis stands in the way of Ap

Trond Giske took a fairly strong stand with party leader Støre:

Jonas spoke warmly yesterday about everything the government is doing and it is an impressive list. Why is the turnout so low? he asked rhetorically.

He gave the answer himself and it was about more than just electricity:

Because some issues stand in the way and prevent other issues from shining: poverty, pensions, aid and above all electricity, said Giske.

It is clear that the outspoken Trond Giske from the party team Nidaros continues to play the role he has taken on recently, namely being a sticking point for the current party leadership.

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