German police: Rescue workers were subjected to a targeted attack
Erling Marthinsen 12/05/2023 23:22

33 German police and firemen were injured when a 57-year-old man threw an explosive inflammable bag at them at the entrance to an apartment in Ratingen near Düsseldorf on Thursday.  According to the police, the incident in a high-rise block outside Düsseldorf, where many police and firemen were injured, was probably a targeted attack on the emergency services.

NTB writes this.

A 57-year-old man was arrested after the incident in Ratingen on Thursday. According to a police spokesman, the man set fire to a container of flammable liquid, which he then threw at the police and fire crews at the scene.

They left the place burning, says spokesman Dietmar Henning.

33 people were injured, two policemen have life-threatening conditions. A woman, believed to be the perpetrator’s mother, was found dead in the apartment. The woman is said to have been dead for an estimated two weeks or more.

Several firearms, knives and a dagger were also found in the apartment. Supplies were also found indicating that the arrested man is a so-called prepper, someone who prepares to be able to survive on his own in the event of a disaster.

The perpetrator’s ethnic background is not known.

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Several police and firemen injured in explosion in high-rise building in Germany

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