On Sunday, Hans Andreas Limi was welcomed as the Progress Party’s new deputy leader.

FrP’s national meeting was chemically cleansed of controversial statements and immigration debate, writes Vårt Land.

When FrP’s fiscal policy spokesperson for ten years wanted to take over the position of deputy leader, the “right from the left” candidates Bård Hoksrud and Erlend Wiborg both withdrew.

Limi has a central place in FrP and both Hoksrud and Wiborg chose to support Limi rather than stand against him.

Here are some issues that Limi wants to shape the FrP going forward:

He will not remove all aid.

No, I would rather change the arrangement, which gives little effect in relation to the effort. We must create “business” in the countries we support. We will then reduce aid to 0.7 per cent of GNI, which is the UN’s ambition, says Limi.

On stealth Islamisation:

I do not want to use the term “sneak Islamisation”. But what religion can ultimately lead to, we have to be on guard for, Limi replies.

About Sylvi Listhaug’s Facebook post that “The Labor Party puts the rights of terrorists ahead of the nation’s security”:

That Facebook post was too strong, but the situation is a real issue in the Storting. The post was taken out of context, and Sylvi has apologised. I am finished with that case, Limi replies.

Christian conservative voter groups.

I am probably most involved in practical politics. For me, it is important to lift business policy even higher, says Limi.

The Storting’s Friends Association for Israel.

Limi is not a member.

No, but I am very pro Israel. We should not cheer for everything Israel does, but remember that they are a democratic country which is important for the stability of the region. The anti-Israel attitude many people have in Norway, not least in LO, is wrong, he says.

The Industrial and Business Party and the Norway Democrats.

Absolutely there is reason to follow, but the measurements vary, is Limi’s brief comment about INP.

Four quick yes/no questions:

  • Nuclear power in Norway? Yes.
  • Norwegian EU membership? No.
  • Allow active euthanasia? Yes.
  • Ban ritual circumcision? No. Supports the model introduced by the Solberg government with a public offer.

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