Despite the party holding a national meeting last weekend, the opinion polls are still not good FrP at Kantar. The Labor Party is making the most progress.

The Progress Party had probably hoped that the national meeting would add wind to their sails last weekend.

But slime didn’t work, at least not in the new measurement from Kantar. Here, the Progress Party falls by 2 percentage points to a rather weak 10.6 percent, writes TV2.

NTB reports on the case.

With such a result, the party would actually end up with two fewer seats in the Storting than in the previous election.

Party leader Listhaug, who received praise from many quarters for her national assembly speech, tries to look at it all optimistically:

Here you just have to stand your ground, says Sylvi Listhaug.

For a Labor Party that many believe is in crisis, the survey provides a long-awaited, small boost. Here Ap advances from 18 to 19.8 per cent, and again approaches the 20s.

Despite that, this is still a sharp decline from the last election and it is unlikely that there will be much jubilation in the party in the run-up to their national meeting which starts on 4 May.

In this poll, the Conservative Party, Center Party, Venstre and KrF are also ahead.

Both MDG, SV and Red are going back.

Others stand still, with a fairly strong 5.6 percent.

The bourgeois still have a clear majority, with a total of 93 seats. In other words, there would be a change of government if there were an election today.

Kantar’s party barometer for TV2 for May was conducted between 24 and 30 April. 2,000 people were interviewed and there are margins of error of 1.1 and 2.3 percentage points.

The parties’ support is as follows: H 31.2 (0.6), Ap 19.8 (1.8), FrP 10.6 (-2), SV 8.5 (-1.4), Sp 6.3 (0.7), Red 5.7 (-0.7), Other 5.6 (0), V 4.7 (0.4), KrF 4.1 (1), MDG 3.6 (-0 ,4).

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