A survey carried out among French women shows that a full 66 percent want a complete stop to all immigration from the Third World.

France is one of the countries in Europe most affected and changed by immigration from third world countries. This is something that not all French residents look on with benevolence.

Fria Tider writes about a survey in which French women in particular say that enough is enough, they want an end to immigration:

French women want to completely stop third world immigration, the newspaper begins, and continues:

No less than 66 percent of French women want to completely stop the immigration of non-European immigrants. This is more than the men, reports CNEWS.

To the question of “whether to stop non-European immigration in France”, more than six out of ten Frenchmen, 64 percent, answer “yes”, according to a CSA survey for CNEWS that was published this week.

Among the 1,010 respondents, the women (66 percent) are most clear that the flow of immigrants from countries outside Europe should be stopped.

But also among men there is a clear majority in favour of such an immigration freeze (61 percent).

Fria Tider writes about how this is distributed among age groups:

When it comes to age distribution, the category that most answers “yes” to the question is 50–64-year-olds (68 per cent), followed by 25-34-year-olds (66 per cent).

But the newspaper says that the mood among the country’s residents does not seem to make a significant impression on the authorities:

However, the liberals who rule the country are of a completely different opinion and continue to fill the country with Arabs, Africans and the like.

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