Only 315,000 of Norwegian’s 18 million passengers bought climate compensation last year. There is minimal interest in the offer, the whole thing appears to be a flop.

Not many of Norwegian’s travellers are interested in buying climate compensation. 315,000 of Norwegian’s 18 million passengers bought this last year, figures obtained by P4 news show. This amounts to only 1.75 percent of customers.

NTB reports.

Climate scientist Borgar Aamas at Cicero does not want to admit that this is a flop, but tells P4 news that a little climate compensation is better than nothing.

It is not a large amount for the individual traveller. Nevertheless, few people bother to take part in this.

If you buy a ticket from Oslo to Nice with Norwegian, it costs NOK 20 to compensate for climate change.

According to the company, the money the customers pay extra goes to finance projects that reduce CO2 emissions globally. This is something that most customers consider to be very uninteresting to contribute to.

At SAS, the number of travellers who pay extra for climate quotas has decreased in recent years. But here the compensation is included in certain types of tickets, so that customers have no choice.

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