There has been an explosion on Södermalm in central Stockholm.

According to the emergency services, “something has detonated” – shards of glass are scattered around the place, Expressen writes.

The alarm went off at 01:09 on Friday night. A loud bang had been heard in Magnus Ladulåsgatan on Södermalm in central Stockholm.

We have received word of a loud bang, and the emergency services have arrived at the scene. An ambulance was also called, says Ola Åström at SOS Alarm.

According to the rescue service’s information, there are no injuries.

It’s a kind of detonation… something has gone off there. We have no information about personal injuries. It looks like panes of glass have been broken, says Josefin Lindblom, line operator at Stockholm’s fire brigade.

The bomb squad has not been called, according to the police.

Something has exploded, but we do not suspect any crime, it is something else that has caused it. It was an empty room where something had exploded or spontaneously combusted, says Jens Mårtensson of the Stockholm police.

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