An explosion hit a shop in Helsingborg at around 01.30 on Monday night. No people were hurt or injured. “The entrance is practically blown up,” says duty manager Jerker Olsson from the police to SVT.

The bomb squad and crime scene technicians were at the scene during the night to secure and evaluate the scene. On Monday morning, there were still no suspects, but several witnesses and the shop owner have been questioned by the police. The restrictions around the store have been lifted.

Helsingborg is Scania’s second largest city. The municipality has been affected by several acts of violence so far this year, including explosions at residential buildings.

On Sunday afternoon, there was also a shooting in the Västra Berga area of Helsingborg, where several apartments were hit by bullets. The police are investigating this incident as attempted murder. A police helicopter, several police patrols and forensic technicians searched the scene on Sunday. A woman who wishes to remain anonymous witnessed the shooting when she was going out with her pram. She tells SVT’s reporter that she heard three shots. “When I turned around, I saw three darkly dressed men disappearing on electric scooters,” she says.

Can the explosion on the night of Monday be connected to other events, for example the shooting in the same city a few hours earlier?

“It’s obviously something you look at when things happen so close, both timing and geographically,” says Sara Andersson at the police command centre.

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