From May to December 2022, tens of thousands more Britons died than usual – and those affected by covid are excluded from the figures.

On par with Luftwaffe’s blitzkrieg

This is normally only experienced during war and plague, but those reasons can be written off in this case, raising serious questions about the cause.

By 2022 there was an excess mortality of almost 40,000 in Britain, almost as many as were killed in the blitzkrieg. In the last two weeks of 2022, the death rate was a fifth higher than 2016 to 2019 and that is corrected for the ageing of the population. The data also reveal a disturbingly higher number of deaths among relatively young adults.

After covid, excess mortality has fluctuated violently from month to month, it has both fallen below the five-year average and risen well above. The fluctuations may be due to a number of factors, but those who claim to be experts in the field are unable to point out any clear reasons. The Guardian calls it a humanitarian crisis.

32,000 Britons who were supposed to still be alive

David Coleman, professor emeritus of demography at Oxford University, points to some possible reasons why there were 32,441 more deaths in England and Wales from May to December last year than the average of the previous five years.

Deaths caused by covid have been deducted from the more than 32,000 Britons who statistically should still be alive from this period.

No clear reasons

Professor Coleman tells the Mirror that no one knows for sure what has caused all these people to pass into eternity.

When a significant proportion of older people have passed away, the remaining population should be healthier – that is, for a period afterwards we should have a lower death rate than usual, but that has not happened.

Experts getting grey hairs

He highlighted two possible reasons for the phenomenon: Britain is getting older and has a higher BMI (body-mass index), but dementia and Alzheimer’s are also possible explanations in a population with increasingly grey hair.

But if you look at the details in the death certificates, the explanations are a little unsatisfactory since unclearly defined symptoms are one of the biggest components behind excess mortality. However, the fact that the population is ageing does not explain an excess mortality of more than 30,000 from May to December last year.

Elephant in the room

Influenza and pneumonia are highlighted, but a dramatic and under-communicated cause, the elephant in the room, is the summer heat – and given climate change, it will continue to pose a fatal threat in the future.

On the country’s hottest days, we get an inevitable increase in excess mortality. Thousands succumb to the heat – if we are to believe what the Mirror writes.

The Guardian states that the piles of bodies that funeral homes are struggling to get rid of are a humanitarian crisis, pointing to another elephant in the room: the Tories’ insane ideology.

Excess mortality is defined as the number of deaths that exceeded the last five years’ average. 2020 is excluded from the British calculation of the average death rate due to the abnormal situation covid created that year.

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