Elisa Widding is a rare phenomenon, as a politician with integrity. Her professional background is a critical voice in the climate debate. She takes the UN climate panel’s reports as her starting point, she fights doomsday hysteria as both dangerous and unscientific. She has triggered the wrath of the woke people, and they are also in government, more specifically education minister Mats Persson from the Liberals.

The story of Widding is the story of a Sweden that resembles a madhouse.

The Minister of Education denies both her professional and political judgement.

“Decent”. Here, decency comes into play as a determination of what can be said and who can participate. Widding does not belong in the Riksdag. As always, all roads lead to Auschwitz.

He also goes further than criticising Widding for tolerating conspiracy theories. Just by being in the same room as them, she gives them “support”. This is exactly what was extracted from Stalin’s show trials.

How can one defend against such accusations? Widding had at least expected her own party to support her. But the SD leadership is silent, however, support in social media such as Twitter and YouTube is strong. Widding is appreciated, but not by the SD.

Then she has no other choice: She must leave the party that has rejected her credibility.

But the case has another dimension that shows Sweden’s gibberish.

The Liberals are a woke party on par with the Democrats in the US: Normal people don’t understand the madness.

When Dagens Nyheter heard the news of Widding’s resignation, they managed to hook it to the fact that there are grounds for connecting her to Holocaust deniers.

In April, Widding took part in a conference with well-known vaccine opponents, climate opponents and people who relativised the Holocaust, something that the Expo foundation was the first to report on.

After the conference, her participation was criticised by, among others, Education Minister Mats Persson (L), who said that Widding denies knowledge.

“Widding shows a contempt for knowledge that is not befitting a member of the Riksdag. It is serious to support conspiracy theories about climate, vaccines and the holocaust. She must now show that she stands up for science”, wrote Persson on Twitter at the time.

Which conference is DN referring to? It turns out to be the recent conference in Stavanger where Document’s own Rebecca Mistereggen attended and was actually praised. Little did we know that the audience wore silver foil hats and were hidden Nazis!

A co-organiser was Children’s Health Defense Europe – which is led by the American conspiracy theorist Robert F Kennedy Jr, nephew of former US President John F Kennedy.

He has several times compared the vaccination program with the Holocaust and the situation of Jews during the Second World War.

In 2022, he said that the covid-19 restrictions were worse for people than life was for Anne Frank because she “could still hide in the wind”, The Guardian reported.

Bobby Kennedy is also a hidden Nazi. It’s like in Stalin’s Soviet Union: The class enemy hides everywhere. It must be mobilised for permanent vigilance.

When we see where a previously respected newspaper like DN has ended up, we understand the power of radicalisation. This is something irrational that is dangerous both for those who indulge in the madness and those who are exposed to it.

In order to qualify for the label Nazi, it is enough that one presents thoughts that violate the norms of the woke media. They can well use the persecution of Jews against the Jewish state, but anyone who draws parallels between lockdown restrictions and vaccination programs without testing is labelled a Nazi.

All conversation ends.

We are aware that living in today’s Sweden is a big mental burden.

Elsa Widding is coming to Norway in June, and Document hopes to be able to interview her.

She is a brave woman who deserves all the support.

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