Election observer Sverre Myrli (Ap) has been in Turkey during the election and says it is not comparable to what we call free and fair elections.

According to NRK, Myrli believes that the election itself has been carried out well enough on Sunday.

But the prelude and election campaign are not comparable to what we call free and fair elections. Erdogan and his party have been in complete control.

Myrli visited ten polling stations in Istanbul during Sunday’s election.

The authorities have had complete control throughout the election campaign. Erdogan has completely controlled the media, says Myrli.

What does Myrli really think about the presidential election in the USA 2020, where the FBI ensured that all regime-friendly media kept Hunter Biden’s laptop secret?

Does Myrli think that elections without ID and with huge amounts of advance votes are a free and fair election? Why then does Norway not implement similar idiotic rules?

Does Myrli think that Biden had no control over the media, with a few exceptions?

Erdogan refuses Sweden to become a member of NATO and as a president there is a great reason to despise him. But this is not the point.

However, in the White House sits a president who is just as despicable and who has much greater significance for the future of the world.

But Myrli probably doesn’t care about such small details.

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