To topple Trump, the Democrats unleashed BLM and Antifa. They just needed a pretext and found it in the death of a criminal at the knee of a policeman. The Democrats had long since been fired up during the racial antagonisms. It had already started under Obama who took the side of black “victims” no matter what they had done.

George Floyd was ill-suited as the saint, but that’s what he became. The black and white activists’ violence was legitimised by his death. It gave them a free hand, i.e. it was politicians like Kamala Harris who protected them and paid for them to be released back onto the streets without custody.

The Summer of Love from 1968 became peaceful protests in 2020, a word that was a macabre description of the hordes that burned buildings, looted and vandalised, robbed, stopped traffic and harassed people who sat peacefully eating. The Democrats’ slogan during the lawless conditions was Defund the police.

Here, a foundation was laid for a policy in Democratically governed big cities from which they have never recovered. New York has lost 400,000 inhabitants. The same has happened to California. The Democrats’ response is more of the same.

The introduction of critical race theory in teaching, the media and institutions means that a new racism has taken hold and is polarising the population. Any incident where a white person causes a black person to suffer harassment is portrayed as racist.

By allowing the homeless to settle wherever they want, the Democrats have invited a problem that makes everyday life unlivable for ordinary people. People live in the subway in New York. They are not only homeless, they are often drug addicts and mentally out of balance. In short, they are potentially dangerous to those around.

On Monday, a week ago, the passengers on a subway car experienced a fellow passenger who acted out with screaming and fencing and demands for money. New Yorkers know very well that they are facing a ticking time bomb that will kill or injure one of them at any moment. In the same carriage was also US Marine Daniel Penny (24). US Marines are trained to deal with threats. He put Jordan Neely on the ground. Neely had a history of unprovoked attacks and mental disorders. Without getting the help he needs, self-destruction is allowed in the United States and the Democrats don’t care that the price for other people has become so high that someone reacts.

The case about Neely is therefore about something far more than the fact that he died from the armhold by Penny. It is about whether one should be allowed to defend oneself against the lawlessness the Democrats have unleashed.

They have opened the border in the south and fentanyl and meth are flooding in. It drives people crazy. They don’t know what they are doing. The authorities do nothing. But a US Marine acts.


nterestingly, two black men are seen helping Penny hold Neely down. But FOX writes nothing about them. All the blame is placed on Penny and politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not slow to pull the race card.

Mayor Eric Adams is getting nervous. He is a former policeman and knows what mood AOC is trying to whip up.

In 1984, there was a similarly lawless New York where you risked being robbed by taking the subway. When four black youths demanded money from Bernard Goetz, he coldly and calmly shot them down. He was not convicted of attempted murder, but of illegal possession of a firearm, fined 5,000 and six months in prison.

The lenient sentence reflects that Goetz did what many New Yorkers wanted to do: Defend himself. At the time, the right to self-defence stood stronger than in Biden’s America. The Democrats are trying to take away Americans’ right to defend themselves.

But sympathy is on Penny’s side. It is the media that flirts with the activists among the Democrats.

Everyone understands the situation and can identify with Penny. He is a hero in the eyes of many. Do the authorities dare to punish him? Attorney General Alvin Bragg said Wednesday that they are “investigating.” Penny is still at large.

Killed whites for being white

Racism does something to people’s heads. They see whites as enemies.

Carlton Gilford

On April 18, Carlton Gilford entered the library in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and shot two white men. He picked them out completely at random. Only because they were white. The police have now charged him with murder with a racial motive.

People see what they see: Whites are shot because they are white. This happened in a public library. The perpetrator was again a homeless person.

Read: The Democrats’ politics.

Police said Gilford, who according to jail records is homeless, went inside the Rudisill Library around 9:40 a.m., walked up behind a man sitting at a desk and shot him in the back of the head.

The victim, 35-year-old Lundin Hathcock, was rushed to the hospital where he died.

Gilford walked out of the library and into a shop. There he shot a customer, James McDaniel, (55), in the head in the same way. This time he executed the wounded man lying on the floor.

Police said that after the library shooting, Gifford went to a nearby QuikTrip convenience store and shot 55-year-old James McDanielin the back of the head. When the victim fell to the ground, the suspect shot him again. McDaniel died at the scene.

The public prosecutor says the two were shot because they were white.

According to Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler, the evidence suggests Gilford, who is Black, shot both men because they were White. The prosecutor did not elaborate.

The liberal media does not cover these cases, unlike the subway death in New York. They operate based on ready-made scripts and if there is to be a report, the event must fit the script. The media in Europe are increasingly behaving in the same way.

Hence the trust gap between the public and the media.

People see that the authorities no longer care about their safety. Hence the violence in school, it starts from the very beginning. Violence has entered our societies and since it is a consequence of political choices, politicians do not want to talk about it. Rather, they choose to blame the population for being racist.

Here, too, it is polarised.

But the United States has a history of racial problems that would make you think the last thing the most progressive party would do was inflame racial antagonism.

But that is what they have been doing, quite deliberately, for several years and the major media and universities are in on it.

The Europeans do not understand what is happening and the media build up under the impression that it is the Trump voters who are polarising. It is the whites who are the problem.


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