An event was held in Ekeberghallen in Oslo on Saturday, although a group arrived on scene that wanted to sabotage the gathering. According to the police, a fight then broke out.

According to TV2, the event was in connection with the celebration of Eritrea’s national day. There were both arguments and fighting when uninvited people appeared and attended the event.

NTB also reports on the case, and it must have gone so badly that there are injured people.

No one seems to be seriously injured. The police are present to ensure peace and order, writes the police in Oslo on Twitter.

The police state that there were a total of 15-20 people in the group who wanted to sabotage the event. As of now, four people have been removed from the area and the police state that they have control.

So the celebration can continue as planned.

The organisers had applied for and received permission for the event in advance, with the police also having been notified.

Although no one is reported to be seriously injured, the police have reported that blood has been observed on the ground and it is believed that one or more people may be injured, writes TV2.

According to Wikipedia, there are just over 4,000 people in Norway with a background from Eritrea.

In Sweden too, there have been a number of conflicts surrounding immigrant Eritreans.

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