When Joe Biden repeals Title 42 on Thursday, he removes the last formal obstacle to unlimited immigration. He becomes the first president in American history to facilitate the invasion of his own country. His popularity is dropping like a stone and crime is exploding.

It was 34-year-old George Alvarez who drove down and killed eight migrants in Texas. He is charged with negligent homicide. More and more mass murders are caused by people with an immigrant background, but the Democrats and the liberal media don’t like to talk about it. Biden will open the border wide open on Thursday. There are tens of thousands queuing.

Sometimes the carelessness with a car is so great that it is difficult to draw a sharp distinction between premeditated and unpremeditated murder. Alcohol or drugs are often involved. Many are killed by drunk drivers.

The head of the migrant centre, Victor Maldonado, says that the car – a Range Rover – drove onto the curb, overturned and continued about 60 metres forward. Some pedestrians who were about ten metres away from the first group that was hit were also hit, says Maldonado. Witnesses restrained the driver when he tried to run from the scene and they had him under control until the police arrived.

A blood sample was taken from the driver, who also received treatment for the injuries he sustained. There was no one else in the car. (NTB-AP)

NTB has a long story about why there are so many mass murders in the USA. The most important factors are not mentioned: Mass immigration, a crime reform that favoured the criminals and the defunding of the police movement. These are three factors that drive crime and mass shootings, but the Democrats do not want to be confronted with the consequences of their own policies. Nor NTB.

Biden’s destructive policy is about to dawn on the Americans. They see evidence every single day. Instead of looking after America, he destroys it. This is how ordinary people perceive his slogan: Let us finish the job.

This is an invasion that makes the migration to Europe in 2015 pale, but neither will the mainstream media in Europe report that the US is collapsing.

For the record – NTB tonight 9 May at 06.00:

A word about America’s homicide crisis: Why? ID: 18191297
115 have been killed in mass killings in the United States this year. There has been an average of one mass murder per week. One word resonates with victims, politicians and in society: Why?

During the weekend alone, there were two mass murders in Texas. Eight people – plus the perpetrator himself – were killed in a mass shooting in the Dallas suburb of Allen. The next day, eight people were killed when a man drove into a crowd.

The events have once again shocked the United States – although mass murders are now so commonplace that many are not surprised. 115 people have been killed in 22 mass murders during the first four months and six days of the year.

Texas politicians have said they are praying for the victims and their families. They have been criticized by frustrated politicians who want stricter gun laws. “Do your damn job,” California Governor Gavin Newsom told Congress after the shooting in Dallas.

For many, there is one word that sums up the situation: Why?

– A hole in the heart
Richard Berger has asked himself that question many times. Why was his son, Stephen Berger, killed the day after his 44th birthday? Why did a shooter let the bullets rain down on The Strip in Las Vegas that day in 2017?

And why wasn’t America’s leadership so shocked by the deadliest mass killing in modern history that they enacted laws to prevent such a thing from happening again?

59 were killed and around 500 injured when Stephen Paddock (64) shot at concert goers in Las Vegas on 1 October 2017.

It’s like a hole in our hearts. We just don’t know what to say, says Richard Berger.

Berger and many other relatives after the USA’s many mass murders ask themselves those questions again after each new incident.

They are coming more and more often. Even before the Texas mass killings over the weekend, it was clear that the number of mass killings was rising. The figure of 115 victims is the highest in May since 2006.

Experts point to some explanatory factors: An increase in all types of gun violence in recent years, the number of guns people have combined with lax gun laws, the impact of the pandemic on mental health, the inability or willingness of politicians to address the situation and an increased focus on violence in American culture.

Those explanations offer little comfort to the families who have had their loved ones taken away, nor to the local communities affected by the collective trauma of the mass murders.

The mass murders this year are not the same either. Some run in families often in connection with quarrels. Others happen in schools, workplaces or in churches. The mass murders take place in big cities and in the countryside. Some of the victims knew the perpetrator, others were random.

Unknown motive
The FBI defines mass murder as killing with four or more victims within 24 hours, without the perpetrator himself being counted.

In many cases, the motive is never known. For example, it is still unclear why the Las Vegas shooter holed up in a hotel room and opened fire on random people on the street.

The shooter is said to have been frustrated with how the casinos treated him, but the FBI has never been able to establish a clear motive.

Among the mass killings this year are the killing of five children, their parents and grandmother in Utah just days into 2023, the killing of six people, including three nine-year-old children, at an elementary school in Nashville and the mass shooting in Allen, Texas.

But there are also many murders that are not included in these statistics. So far this year, more than 14,000 people have died in shooting incidents in the United States. Half have taken their own lives, while a large proportion have been killed in shooting incidents with fewer than four victims.

Afraid to send the children to school
Nevertheless, it is the mass murders that cause the most fear, say experts.

“Everybody in the country sends their kids to school, and they’re afraid that if they do, the kid might get shot,” says Daniel Webster of the Johns Hopkins Center on Gun Violence.

The mass murders receive a lot of attention, and happen so frequently that the fear has taken root. At the same time, there are reports of school children being trained in how to hide from a shooter or treat gunshot wounds.


Even the scientists who are experts in mass murder, ask themselves that question.

When I was asked to work on this in 2013, I never thought that ten years later I would be working on the same thing, says Katherine Schweit, who previously worked for the FBI and created the police agency’s protocol for an active shooter situation.

At the same time, it still looks almost impossible to introduce strict gun control laws that actually have an effect.

I think the USA has a relationship with weapons like no other country in the world. These incidents are a consequence of our failure to put preventative measures in place, says Kelly Drane at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Frustrated Biden
President Joe Biden has campaigned for stricter gun laws. This weekend he repeated that he is frustrated that Congress is unable to stand up to the NRA gun lobby.

The gun lobby has not responded to questions about commenting on Biden’s statements.

Last year, Congress passed a law that requires stricter background checks for the youngest gun buyers, along with several other measures. Those laws have done little to overcome the problem.

The tragedies exacerbate each other, which makes it almost impossible to take them in, says Roxanne Cohen Silver, who researches mechanisms that survivors use to cope.

But what they don’t write about are the murders that happen every single day, especially in Democratically governed cities, where it just gets worse and worse.

The Democrats moved their convention to Chicago. Then they meet fates like this:

Areanah Preston, policewoman shot and killed in Chicago off duty.

Media blackout. This beautiful 24-year-old college graduate wanted to make a difference. Areanah Preston became a police officer to demonstrate how law enforcement can help make communities better. Last night she was gunned down in Chicago while off duty. The press ignored her story, it doesn’t fit with their bad cop narrative. We are the media now. Please share. Pray for her family and friends. Thank you for serving, Areanah. RIP

It is this press that has made the Democrats’ destruction of America possible.

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