95-year-old Clare Nowland died on Wednesday, a week after Australian police used stun guns on her at the care home where she lived.

NTB-AFP writes this.

Nowland, who has been described in the Australian media as a demented great-grandmother, “passed away peacefully in hospital just after 7pm this evening, surrounded by family and loved ones”, the police in New South Wales wrote in a statement.

But it did not go very peacefully when the police met Nowland on 17 May at the nursing home Yallambee Lodge in the small town of Cooma, about 100 kilometres south of the capital Canberra.

There are mostly elderly people living there with dementia and other disorders that lead to additional care needs. Employees had reported that Nowland had taken a meat knife from the kitchen.

Police have said Nowland was walking towards police, but obviously at a slow pace because of the walker. The use of force against her has led to an internal investigation, and a heated debate about the police’s use of electroshock weapons.

What kind of police feel threatened by a 95-year-old lady with a knife in a walker?

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