In Svalbard there are the place names Negerdalen, Negerfjellet and Negerpynten.

The Antiracist Front believes this is offensive and the organisation wants the word negro replaced by black, writes Svalbardposten.

It was English sailors who in the 17th century named the places on Edgeøya in Svalbard.

Antiracist Front is now complaining about this to the Polar Institute’s name committee and is asking that the names be changed to Svartdalen, Svartfjellet and Svartpynten, writes Dagbladet.

It is supposed to be the colour of the rock that contributed to the three places getting their names originally, but now the Antiracist Front believes that it is time for a change.

The Antiracist Center reacted to the place names in 2015, but then the institute replied that they had not received any complaints. They saw no reason to change the names as place names are defined as linguistic cultural historical memory.

In front of TV2, the Antiracist Front points out that the Norwegian Language Council has given a recommendation not to use the word negro, with communications director Pål Jakobsen at the Polar Institute telling Dagbladet that there is no doubt that the place names are offensive and that the place names would not have been approved Today.

The Polar Institute will discuss the matter this week.

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