The Syrian family who have recently been living in an asylum in Bremnes church in Bømlo, are now allowed to leave the church asylum and live in their home in the local environment until further notice.

The family, or couple, from Syria recently went into church asylum to avoid being deported. Norwegian authorities believe they have been granted residence in Norway based on false information about their background.

Document mentioned this a few days ago, see the article below.

The family has been living in church asylum in the Bremnes church in Bømlo since Friday 19 May, the same date they were to be deported from Norway.

Now the matter has taken a new turn, with the couple simply being able to go back to their home in Bømlo and sit on the sofa there, despite the fact that they have been expelled from the country.

NTB reports on the situation.

The family is about to get out of the church asylum. They are very grateful that the police have shown understanding for the difficult situation they are in and are looking forward to coming home, writes associate attorney Anela Ferati in an email to Vårt Land.

The couple has been given a postponed departure deadline and can initially continue their stay in Norway undisturbed for another month.

On 21 and 22 June, the district court will decide whether they can stay in the country until their main case against the state is dealt with.

It is seven years since the family settled in Bømlo after being granted residence in Norway.

This stay was then revoked for the mother and father in the family, and the authorities demanded that the two leave the country.

But the couple announced that they would take the UDI and the Immigration Service’s decision to court. In the summer of 2021, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) notified that they intended to revoke the parents’ residence permit and the children’s citizenship.

The status as of now is that they are still staying in Norway, as if nothing had happened, awaiting the next rounds in the legal system.

Many will think that what is being witnessed here is a classic example of the type of training that characterises such situations. Through long appeal processes, with the good help of lawyers and other supporters, you are constantly buying yourself new time in the country.

In the end, it is often the case that precisely the long period of residence in Norway becomes a decisive argument that they should be allowed to stay in the country.

There are many examples of immigrants who were initially supposed to be deported, ending up living in Norway for good, as a result of such deportation processes.

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