The leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson, will stop aid to countries that do not accept their own citizens in return when asylum applications are rejected.

“We agree with the government that parts of the aid to countries that do not accept their own citizens should be able to be stopped,” writes Åkesson on Facebook.

He believes it is important to stop the number of asylum seekers who stay illegally in Sweden after having their asylum application rejected.

“If you are refused a residence permit in Sweden, you should return to your home country – not become part of the growing shadow society,” writes Åkesson.

The leader of the Sweden Democrats believes that the respective countries from which asylum seekers travel must take their share of the responsibility if their citizens are not granted asylum in other countries.

“In order to create a sustainable asylum and migration policy, we have to fight the shadow society, and that requires new legislation where the receiving country also takes responsibility for its own citizens and takes them back when necessary,” believes Åkesson.

He therefore believes that it is appropriate to show countries that do not want to accept their own citizens after asylum rejection, that Sweden is not a place of residence for illegal asylum seekers.

“If countries are not interested in doing their duty and accepting their own citizens, it is entirely reasonable that they have to bear the consequences of their actions by us stopping parts of Sweden’s aid to the country.”

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