One person was injured in a violent attack in Greenland in Oslo. The attack happened during a robbery, the robber’s injuries are not serious, say the police.

The police attended the incident in Greenland, on Oslo’s inner eastern edge, an area where this sort of thing happens every now and then. It was unclear for a while whether it was a violent personal attack, or whether there was also a robbery.

It may look like it is a case of bodily harm and not a robbery, the police tweeted soon after.

The police obtained explanations at the scene at the same time as they were looking for a person. They have arrested one person they suspect being behind it.

Later, the police revised their information and explained that now a report will be made for robbery.

Violent robbery in broad daylight brings attention to the fairly crime-ridden area around Grønland / Tøyen in Oslo. The police do not provide further information about those involved in the case.

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