The police in Bergen on Wednesday stopped a driver who was driving and hit a pram in the city centre. The driver blew far above the legal limit in a breathalyser test.

17 May not only contains children’s parades and joy, but also an unusual amount of eating of sweets sweets often accompany it. This is the only day when large parts of the population are already drunk from early morning.

Unfortunately, widespread drink-driving is part of the picture. In Bergen this year this could have had very tragic consequences.

A pram was hit in the middle of the city centre, and the driver is said to have been heavily intoxicated. The incident took place at Danmarksplass.

No one was physically injured in connection with the incident, reports NTB.

No one is physically injured, but both mother and child are shaken, says operations manager Eivind Hellesund in the West police district to Bergens Tidende.

The driver, a man in his 30s, blew too far above the legal limit, writes Vest police district on Twitter. In good Norwegian, it means that the man was drunk.

The police also suspect he had taken drugs other than alcohol and have taken the driver in for an extended blood test.

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