A woman was arrested on Sunday morning after threatening guards at Ahus with a machete. She was not a patient at the hospital.

Messages, violence and threats happen every single weekend, especially on weekends. Many think that this is only getting more and more frightening and in some cases almost absurd.

Sunday’s message from Ahus, north of Oslo, reinforces such an impression.

A woman threatened guards with a machete. This is not commonplace, or at least was not commonplace.

The woman must have been walking around the hospital for some time. When guards contacted her, she threatened them with a machete, says operations manager Gisle Sveen in the East police district to Romerikes Blad.

NTB reports on the case.

The guards got control of the woman before the police arrived.

The Sveen states that the woman was not a patient at the hospital, however, she has also previously been reported for threats.

No further information has been given about the woman and what she was looking for.

Ahus is located in Lørenskog, north of Oslo. This is an area that is frequently mentioned in connection with violence and other crime.

For some, it is no longer enough to use a knife, a machete is needed, a weapon that can chop off fingers and hands and cause terrible injuries.

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