The Wagner group recruited prisoners from prisons with the prospect that they would be pardoned after a few months at the front. The results are now in and there was a reason they were inside. The worst killers haven’t gotten better from killing at the front, when they get “home” they kill Russian civilians.

This cannot possibly be a good advertisement for Putin. Yevgeny Prigozhin is most concerned with results on the battlefield, but Putin must vouch for results at home. There are several really ugly stories.

“The state and personally Putin and Prigozhin are to blame for Yulia’s death and should answer for it,” an unnamed close relative of Yulia Buiskich, a woman allegedly killed by a paroled Wagner trooper, told The Observer. “They released a sick b—— into society.”

Buiskich, 85, was found dead in her home in the town of Novyj Burets, a community of a few hundred people. Ivan Rossomakhin, a 28-year-old Wagner soldier who received a pardon for his service in Ukraine, allegedly entered Buiskich’s home and killed her with an axe.

28-year-olds killing 85-year-old ladies with axes is not good advertising for the war.

66-year-old Alexander Tyutin is a real estate agent. He hired an assassin to kill his business partner, his family and his own niece.

After six months at the front, he was granted amnesty and was able to fly to Turkey to reunite with his wife.

Shock ran through the community of Tskhinvali when news broke that Soslan Valiyev, a local man with disabilities beloved by the town, had allegedly died at the hands of Georgiy Siukayev, a convicted murderer who had returned following service for Wagner in Ukraine.

Video has surfaced on Telegram channels showing a man, alleged to be Siukayev, chasing down Valiyev and kicking him before reportedly stabbing him to death. Local authorities announced days later that they arrested Siukayev on suspicion of murder.

Soldiers killing invalids held by the local community are scum. It doesn’t get any better if Prigozhin defends them with lies.

Wagner founder Prigozhin claimed that Siukayev was defending bystanders who were being harassed.

A soldier brags about how many Ukrainians he has tortured and killed.

Alexey Savichev, a 49-year-old convicted murderer, joined Wagner in September and returned to his hometown of Voronezh after six months in Ukraine, where he had fought in the battles for the towns of Soledar and Bakhmut. He recently claimed to The Guardian that he tortured and killed dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Savvichev boasts of having spent the entire soldier’s bonus on booze and prostitutes. The police treated him as a war hero.

“The cops treated me somewhat like a hero,” Savichev said, revealing that officers would even invite him for tea to listen to stories from the frontline. “I felt like I could get away with anything.”

Prigozhin says that his brutal beast does the work for the kids who stayed at home. They should be grateful, according to him. But it is questionable whether the gratitude works when the soldiers come back and kill grandmothers and invalids.

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