Former President Donald Trump speaks at his Mar-a-Lago estate Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in Palm Beach, Fla., after being arraigned earlier in the day in New York City. (Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Trump gave a half-hour speech at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night. It was a historic moment. Trump was supposed to summarise the day when he, as the first president in the history of the United States, is charged in a criminal case. Would he appear as a victim or as someone who takes up the fight? Trump is doing what he has always done – He fights.

That is how he has won the respect of the average American. He never gives up. That’s why woke liberals full of Trump hatred have started talking about putting a bullet in him.

There were Secret Service agents around him when he entered the room where there were 500 people standing close together.

Trump took a quick review of the campaign against him from the moment he came down the escalator in the summer of 2015. He had an impeachment case against him for having a completely normal conversation with newly elected President Zelensky. The Bidens have earned hundreds of thousands just from the gas company Burisma. Biden fired the attorney general when he began investigating the company. This is well known. Biden himself has boasted about it publicly, but nothing happened.

If you take the five worst presidents in the history of the United States and add up what they did, you still don’t come up against what Biden has done, Trump said.

Biden/Obama mobilised the intelligence apparatus into political weapons. Now they are using the judiciary to go after citizens and a former president, on a basis that is fabricated. Even the liberal journalists at Bragg’s press conference did not understand what the indictment was based on. Nor could Bragg answer the question: Conceal what, what crime?

Bragg is a district attorney, a public prosecutor for Manhattan. He does not have standing to prosecute for a federal crime. Only federal prosecutors can do that. But there are no inhibitions when it comes to stopping Trump.

At the same time, they say that they do not care about law and justice and the rights of the population. The Biden regime tramples on what has made the United States a great nation.

Things go downhill quickly: the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster, the regime media never talks about it, but it is not forgotten, and certainly not by America’s enemies.

They have become brave, they have teamed up. There is now an alliance between Russia, China and Iran and it is aimed at the United States.

Daily there is evidence of Biden’s ineptitude and incompetence. On Monday, news broke that the Chinese spy balloon had sent real-time data back to Beijing as it crossed the United States. It had circled in a figure of eight over the important nuclear base in Montana. The Biden regime said they followed the balloon from the moment it took off. In other words, they let it happen.

The US is losing status and prestige at a furious rate. The biggest defeat is that the dollar is losing its status as the world’s international currency. One country after another enters into agreements to pay in their own currency. If this continues, the Biden regime will have inflicted the biggest defeat on the United States in 200 years, says Trump.

The US is going under, but the Biden regime is using its resources to fight its enemies. By all available means.

There must be an end to that, otherwise we will have no country, said Trump.

He has become the one who stands up and takes the fight.

In the eyes of many, he has become an American Hero.

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