Hunter Biden and several family members are rumoured to live in the White House. There is plenty of room for them all, writes Miranda Devine, including the 12 family members who have allegedly made money from Hunter Biden’s dubious dealings abroad.

The talk of the day in Washington DC is that Hunter Biden is hiding in the White House to avoid being served with legal papers from his ex Luden Roberts.

Lawyers for Lunden Roberts asked a court in Arkansas on Friday to jail Hunter Biden for failing to hand over the accounts as required by the lawsuit from the former stripper, writes Miranda Devine in the New York Post.

The lawsuit concerns child support for their 4-year-old daughter, Navy, of whom Hunter refuses to acknowledge paternity.

Roberts claims that Hunter makes a mockery of the court’s dignity and authority by failing to provide a single piece of real evidence. She says the court should incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with the court’s order.

Roberts, 32, had to get a court-ordered paternity test to prove Navy was Hunter’s, last year he filed to have his child support reduced.

Joe and Dr. Jill Biden also do not acknowledge the grandson and did not include Navy in the Christmas display for the grandchildren.

She has also enlisted Biden’s archenemy Garrett Ziegler as an expert witness for the trial, which is expected in July, writes Devine.

Ziegler is a 27-year-old former Trump adviser and founder of the nonprofit Marco Polo, which published a 644-page analysis of Hunter’s infamous PC last year, identifying hundreds of alleged crimes.

Ziegler is currently being sued by wealthy Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, for alleged harassment and invasion of privacy. Morris is Hunter’s lawyer and, according to Devine, his Sugar Brother.

Morris paid Hunter’s $2.8 million tax assessment, which was part of Delaware Attorney General David Weiss’ federal criminal investigation into Hunter’s foreign dealings.

Last week, a former special agent for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) informed Congress that he wants to come forward to expose discrimination and false testimony in the prosecutors’ investigation of Hunter Biden. He believes they are trying to prevent the president’s son from being prosecuted for tax fraud.

News of Lunden Roberts’ lawsuit in Arkansas has fueled rumours in Washington, DC, that Hunter lives in the White House with his second wife, Melissa Cohen, and their 3-year-old son Beau.

Numerous sightings over the past six months lend credence to the flood of rumours. Hunter and his family accompany Joe Biden and the first lady on Marine One as they go on weekend trips to Delaware or Camp David and on extended vacations in the borrowed homes of billionaires.

Early last year, an elaborate swing set was spotted on the White House grounds as the president returned from Marine One.

[The set could have been Joe Biden’s, journ. note]

Surrounded by his father’s Secret Service men and protected by his own agents, it’s hard to get close to him.

It is possible that other members of the Biden family live in the White House, writes Devine further.

The New York Times reported in November when Naomi Biden and Peter Neal were married on the White House’s South Lawn that the couple also lives there. Naomi is Hunter’s eldest daughter with ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

The Executive Residence at the White House has 16 guest rooms and 35 bathrooms on the second and third floors, as well as a private guest kitchen. The family can also make use of a separate gym, bowling alley and private cinema.

There is plenty of room for the entire Biden clan, writes Devine, including the 12 immediate family members that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer alleges have made money through foreign influence.

After reviewing hundreds of documents, Comer said Sunday there may be three more family members in addition to the nine he identified last week, including Hunter, uncle Jim Biden and sister-in-law and former mistress Hallie Biden.

“I haven’t found any legitimate business dealings from Biden unless you count influence peddling,” Comer told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

Comer says that legally it appears the Biden family has been working illegally as foreign agents. Ethical guidelines for families of high-ranking people have probably been broken and not only tax evasion, but more offences, Comer believes. In addition, there are many more of the Biden clan involved than just the president’s son and his brother:

If you want to get a legal term, that’s called being a foreign agent. They weren’t registered as a foreign agents and I’m sure the ethics laws would prevent immediate family members of high ranking government officials from being foreign agents. Either way this is bad. There are more laws that appear to me that have been broken than just tax evasion and there are a lot more Bidens involved than just the president’s son and his brother.”

Hunter’s attorneys are scheduled to meet with U.S. Attorney Weiss in Delaware next week over possible charges in the five-year investigation.

Comer says the Justice Department is in a bind now because of the IRS whistleblower:

DOJ is in a pickle here, especially now with the IRS whistleblower.

It is absurd that Hunter Biden was not prosecuted many years ago, says Comer further. But one of the challenges facing the Ministry of Justice is what do they do with so many family members of the president? If the DOJ did their job and prosecuted everyone involved, there will be no one left for a family photo this Christmas. It applies to the whole family, he says:

There’s no rhyme or reason why Hunter Biden shouldn’t have been indicted years ago. . . but one of the challenges [for the DOJ is] what do you do with this many family members of the president? There’s not going to be anybody left for a Christmas picture. If the DOJ did their job and went and indicted anyone who has a fingerprint involved in this influence peddling scheme. I mean, it’s the entire family.

Comer also announced in a press conference six decisions Joe Biden made either as vice president or president that they believe may have been payments that were laundered to Biden family members.

There is no explanation for this family receiving so many suspicious payment transfers from America’s adversaries around the world if Joe Biden was not directly involved in some form of decision-making.

I am confident that these people who were wiring the Bidens were expecting to get a return on their investment and there isn’t a single one of those family members that had the ability to do anything to influence foreign policy other than the Big Guy Joe Biden. Says Comer

Comer doesn’t mince words about what he sees as Biden’s soft treatment of China. While China steals America’s intellectual property, manipulates the country’s currency, and continues to buy companies around the world that are a problem from a national security standpoint, this president does nothing.

China continues to steal our intellectual property. They continue to manipulate our currency. They continue to buy companies around the world that are a problem from a national security standpoint and yet this president does nothing about China. It makes you wonder if he is, in fact, compromised because of the millions of dollars his family has already taken in from the Chinese Communist Party.

Even as Democrats and the media continue to ignore the last week’s shocking revelations, Comer says “the walls are starting to close around the Biden family,” even if those walls are in the heavily guarded White House:

While Dems and the enabling media continue to disparage the past week’s bombshell revelations, as Comer says:

the walls are closing in on the Biden family, even if those walls are in the heavily guarded White House.

We are happy that Comer and the Republicans are exposing the corruption within the Biden family, but like Rodney in the comments section below the YouTube video, we are so sick of all the hearings and testimony, yet no one is held accountable. Lots of politicians should be in prison by now, he writes. If one of us minions did these things, we would already be in prison for decades.

Rodney is right. In addition, the Biden family’s lugubrious business activities would have been exposed for a long time, if the Ministry of Justice treated the investigation with as much thoroughness and zeal as the investigations after 6 January. Not to mention if the Biden family was Trump’s family. Many of us have lost hope that anything will be done.

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