A man in his 30s killed one person and injured two others during a collision in Steinkjer on Sunday night, had previously been charged with attempting to derail a train in Steinkjer in 2016, when he had of all things placed stones on the tracks.

Only luck determined that a serious accident did not occur, Bane NOR concluded at the time, according to Trondheim24.

The accused, who according to a legal investigation is mildly mentally retarded, was acquitted of the attempted train derailment because there was doubt as to whether he understood the possible consequences of his actions. He was arrested for having written that he wanted to kill more people than Anders Behring Breivik, informer, VG.

The background to the collision is currently unclear.

There is no reason why others should feel unsafe in Steinkjer or other places in the country, says investigative leader Kjetil Molland.

The man has been arrested a number of times for drink-driving, violence, threats and illegal storage of weapons, writes VG.

VG is informed that at one point the man must have been mentioned in a routine meeting between the PST and the local police.

The detainee’s mental health may raise doubts about the degree of intent:

A key question is whether this was an accident or an intentional act. The charge of negligent homicide has been taken based on the information we currently have, including witness statements, says police prosecutor Malin Borg at a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

I do not consider him to be a terrorist threat, with my knowledge of him, says the man’s defender, Anne Marstrander-Berg to VG.

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