Anders Adali is a Swedish writer, presenter and speaker who, after many years as a professional criminal, has apparently taken the spoon into another hand.But the former bank robber has been charged with serious financial crime in March.

He has been sentenced to pay back over NOK 378 million that the administrative court in Stockholm believes he owes the state, writes Expressen.

The total amount I have robbed during all these years? The sum is perhaps just over 80 million in total, says Adali in a documentary series about the big helicopter robbery in Västberga in 2009.

In addition to the media career he started after serving his prison sentence, Adali also ran the company Free2Tech, which is suspected of having participated in the so-called “mobile scam” – which has been described as one of the biggest fraud attempts in Sweden ever.

“We are talking about a very high amount. The size of the amount is due to the fact that the company has put in place a system to make large deductions for VAT. Anders Adali knew, or at least should have known, that the company was thus committing extensive VAT fraud”, writes the Court of Appeal in the judgment .

During the police investigation, it emerged that Anders Adali must have spent large sums of money on expensive liquor and luxury dinners.

However, Adali denies having done anything wrong. In an interview with Dagens Industri, he says that he was deceived by a man who is abroad.

I am the one who started the company, and I will take the hit. But I never had any intention of fraud and did not make a million. Unfortunately, I was tricked by an old friend who is now hiding abroad, he says.

Adali is a regular panel member in Breaking News with Filip and Fredrik on Kanal 5 and Aftonbladet TV.

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