A man in his 30s was shot and killed, while a man in his 50s was injured during a shooting incident in the centre of Skärholmen on Wednesday evening.

We had a patrol nearby, so we were on the scene very quickly. By then, the perpetrator or persons had already run away, says Stockholm police spokesman Daniel Wikdahl to Expressen.

The shooting incident took place at Skärholmen subway station, with at least three bullets going through the windows of a nearby bingo hall.

The man in his 30s who was killed is said to have been hit with several shots.

The police have started an investigation on the basis of murder and attempted murder.

We are taking a number of different measures to find out who this person or persons are, and where they are located, said Daniel Wikdahl.

As recently as Friday last week, there was a shooting incident on Skärholmen, where two gangs are said to have shot at each other.

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