A person is said to have been stabbed at Jernbanetorget in Oslo on Sunday.

The person who was stabbed must have managed to get to Greenland via the subway and on foot.

The victim will be taken to hospital. We are searching for the perpetrator and have some information to work from, says police operations manager Marita Aune.

The police’s incident leader at the scene, Arve Røtterød, tells Avisa Oslo that the police received a report about the incident at 10.10

The man has been taken care of and taken to hospital. He was conscious. He claims to have been stabbed with what appears to be a knife.

Røtterød says that the victim himself has explained that the incident happened at Jernbanetorget.

The man has stated that he took the subway to Grønland station, and then walked to Helga Helgesen’s place.

The man is in his late 20s.

We are now working to obtain camera images, says Røtterød.

No one has been arrested so far, but the police write on Twitter that they have some leads to follow.

But we have some information to work from. Several investigations have been carried out, traces have been secured and questions have been taken in the case, the police write.

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