Sanna Marin is stepping down as leader of the Social Democrats. She lost the election and faces the consequences. Sanna Marin was more popular abroad than she was at home. Under her leadership, Finland’s national debt has grown enormously and something must be done. The voters do not want higher taxes.

She will not stand for re-election as party leader at the national meeting in September, writes Helsingin Sanomat.

In addition, Marin announced that her government will resign on Thursday. She considers it unlikely that she will become a member of the new government, and denies that she has been given a top international job.

Marin continues as a member of the Finnish Riksdag. Her resignation as party leader comes despite the party’s success in the election on Sunday.

The press conference is the first time Marin has spoken out since the election. The SDP came forward with 3 mandates, but only became the third largest party and her government cannot continue.

Sanna Marin has been prime minister since December 2019 and party leader since August 2020. (NTB)

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