Sander Berge scored the first Sheffield United goal in the 2-0 win over visiting West Bromwich, which secured the home teams direct promotion. So there will be another Norwegian to watch in next season’s Premier League.

Experience and quality made the difference. Sander is one of the best to ever play in this division, skipper John Egan told Sky Sports about his Norwegian team-mate.

Berge’s goal came after a terrible defensive error by Brandon Thomas-Asante and a lovely assist from Iliman Ndiaye, writes Dagsavisen.

It was huge for Iliman to keep his composure and make a great pass, with the second goal being just as important, said Berge.

However, the visitors started the game clearly on top and should have taken an early lead.

Berge seemed to have high shoulders and made a couple of technical errors early in the match.

WBA were cheated of a penalty, Sheffield United were probably happy that they were not behind at half-time.

But after the change of ends, the home team was the best. Berge’s goal in the 58th minute inspired his teammates and brought the home crowd to rapturous support. In the 76th minute, Ahmedhodzic increased the score to 2-0, which became the final result.

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