The arms issue in Rødt party has been decided. A majority is in favour of turning around and agreeing to support Ukraine with arms.

The issue has divided the party almost down the middle. In the end, a fairly clear majority at the party’s national meeting on Sunday decided to do a U-turn and say yes to sending weapons to Ukraine.

107 voted yes to send weapons, while 74 voted no, reports NTB.

From being against such arms support, most in the party leadership turned their backs on the matter over this winter and spring, having seen the developments in Ukraine.

The debate prior to the decision was animated and ill tempered, testifiying to strong fronts in the party.

During the debate, the moderators had to ask people not to be so angry, because there were children in the room.

Hard on the Nato chief
Speakers on the no side came out harshly against Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg, who was both described as a disgrace, a warmonger and a war criminal.

Weapons are not the way to peace, as the war criminal Jens Stoltenberg has said. To think that more weapons will create peace is a utopia, said Siavash Mobasheri from Oslo Rødt.

Several on the no side were concerned that weapons contribute to prolonging the war.

Most people would agree that if one side has no weapons, the other side will win quickly, and the war will be over.

There will be no Ukraine
The Yes side at the national meeting maintained that the Ukrainian people are fighting a battle for their existence.

If they lose, there will be no Ukraine, pointed out a delegate from the podium.

Without weapon support, Putin would have stood in Kyiv. That’s the worst thing imaginable, said another.

Supporting Ukraine with weapons does not make us America’s lackeys, maintained another who believes it is right to say yes to weapons support.

Rødt was previously the only party in the Storting that was against giving arms aid to Ukraine. Now all parliamentary parties are in favor. A recent survey shows that there is also a large majority of the population in favor of such support, see case below.

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