A few days after Ap’s representatives in the Storting’s energy and environment committee rejected investigating nuclear power in Norway, three county groups in the party put forward proposals that this must be done. The county team in Rogaland will investigate the possibilities for establishing nuclear power in Norway.

The Labor Party’s county teams in Innlandet, Rogaland and Møre og Romsdal have all adopted positive statements about nuclear power at their annual meetings, Klassekampen writes.

Inlandet Arbeiderparti will “explore the possibilities and consequences of nuclear power”. The county council in Rogaland will investigate the possibilities for establishing nuclear power in Norway. Møre and Romsdal will consider opening up nuclear power on Norwegian soil.

In addition, there are also several local teams that have adopted positive papers about nuclear power, according to the newspaper.

These days, the editorial committee, led by Minister of Industry Jan Christian Vestre (Ap), is sitting and discussing the proposals on nuclear power. (NTB)

Stavanger mayor and head of Ap’s energy committee, Kari Nessa Nordtun, has repeatedly expressed her opposition to the party leadership. Last autumn, she was one of five Ap mayors who warned that the high electricity prices and high taxes would destroy business life in the region.

We expect the government to find solutions that do not make residents and businesses in our area having to pay more or less than others in Norway over time, writes Nessa Nordtun in an email to Aftenbladet.

Rogaland is located in the power area that is hardest hit by the power crisis. This creates concern that companies will choose to move out of the region.

The price difference is absolutely enormous. It is particularly bad for businesses that compete with companies in other price ranges, says Egersund mayor Odd Stangeland.

Nessa Nordtun now sits on the editorial committee, but she leaves it to the management to comment on the proposals in more detail:

This is a discussion that is important that we have. The majority of the proposals that have come in concern energy. But questions on this must be answered by the chairman of the editorial committee, says Stavanger mayor and member of the committee, Kari Nessa Nordtun, to the newspaper.

Vestre writes that the Editorial Committee accepts the submitted proposals, and that the committee will present its recommendations during the party’s national meeting.

The Labor Party is holding a national meeting from 4 to 6 May. (NTB)

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