NTB has covered every single demonstration against the legal reform in Israel and created the impression of a massive opposition to the government. But when 600,000 gather in Jerusalem to express support for the government, NTB does not write a line. That says it all.

The left no longer practises journalism, but wages war and in war all means are permitted.

Finance Minister Nir Barkat was attacked by leftists on his way to his car in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening. If he hadn’t had security guards, things could have gone badly, a policeman had to go to hospital.

More has come to light about who is financing the demonstrations against the government:

The far-left “Color Revolution” insurrection in Israel is backed by George Soros’ New Israel Fund and the Biden Regime, as Gateway Pundit has reported. Fortunately, patriots are standing strong in the Holy Land.

Both Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir spoke before the Knesset. They are supposed to be lepers, according to left-wing media. But 600,000 Israelis had no problem listening to them.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich spoke at the demonstration outside the Knesset: “Look how much strength we have. They have the media and tycoons who finance demonstrations. We have the majority of the people, who demand and give us full backing to fix what needs to be fixed. The people demand judicial reform and they will get it. We will not give up,” Smotrich said.


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