It is inevitable that the dozens of rival criminal networks active in Sweden also spill over into neighbouring countries such as Finland and Denmark. Sweden has become an established exporter of brutal violent criminals to other European countries.

Norway, which shares a 1,630 kilometre long and poorly guarded border with Sweden, is particularly vulnerable to exposure from Swedish gang criminals. The police have already seen several cases of Swedish criminals operating on Norwegian soil.

“Norwegian authorities should not accept that Swedish criminal elements are allowed to run their business here. Therefore, Justice Minister Mehl should consider introducing increased border controls towards Sweden,” says Per-Willy Amundsen from the Progressive Party (FrP.).

In Norway, the police have begun to see more examples of how Swedish gang criminals cooperate with Norwegian ones, including committing violent crimes on contract.

Norwegian police are now warning against the spread of violence across the border.

Kjetil Tunold, head of the intelligence section at the Organized Crime Section in Kripos, confirms in an email to the Swedish newspaper Nyheter Idag that Norwegian police are concerned about the development.

Tunold writes that in Norway there is not as much violence in public places as in Swedish cities. The extent of murders linked to organised crime and gangs is also not as large as in Sweden.

He nevertheless confirms that there are close links between Swedish and Norwegian organised criminals in drug crime. Collaboration between Swedish and Norwegian criminals in the transport of drugs is especially common. However, the cooperation also covers violent crimes, it has been observed that Norwegian criminals order violent contracts from Swedish criminals. These criminals have more experience with this and are more willing to take on risks.

Norwegian police are concerned that this collaboration with Swedish criminal networks will contribute to an escalation of violence in Norway, says Kjetil Tunold.

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