Ap was supposed to be for ordinary people. But they are not represented in Ap’s management. Two out of four are multi-millionaires, Støre and Vestre, while in central government people earn more than twice as much as “ordinary people”. In Høyre’s central board last year there were seven who were under a million.

This has been discovered by a review carried out by VG.

All 21 people in the Labor Party’s proposed central board earn over one million kroner in annual salary or annual remuneration.

Støre points out that many of them have well-paid jobs in political life and then adds that they work for equalisation and justice. It does not make sense.

Many of these have taken on important positions of trust, either in the Storting, in government or in local politics. These are well-paid jobs, but I know that everyone stands for a safe and fair society with small differences where those with high wages should contribute the most to the community, writes Støre in an SMS to VG.

The average income is NOK 572,000, according to Statistics Norway.

In fact, Ap’s central government is more well-established than Høyre’s. With seven who did not earn over a million.

The conclusion seems to be that politicians know their stuff and membership in Ap is no obstacle. On the contrary.



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