LO leaders in Rogaland and Agder turn directly to LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik to get Hadia Tajik elected to the Ap leadership.

Turbulence in the Labor Party may reach new heights at the upcoming national meeting later this spring. Not least that the tension and uncertainty are linked to the election of deputy leaders within the party.

Despite the fact that former deputy Hadia Tajik had to resign under less than honourable circumstances, in connection with the commuter housing scandals. However, there are strong forces that want her to make a comeback in the same position.

Local LO associations in the south of the country, where Tajik comes from, are among her supporters.

NTB reports on the case.

– We ask the LO leader and the rest of the election committee to listen and ensure that Hadia becomes one of the four in the leadership of the Labor Party, says district secretary Ole Jarl Madland in the Norwegian Workers’ Union’s department 7, southwest to TV 2.

On Friday, he sent a call to the eleven members of the election committee in the Labor Party, which is led by LO leader Følsvik:

– The appeal says, as Jonas said at Rogaland Ap’s annual meeting, that Hadia is one of the most effective ministers we have had. She has fulfilled almost all of LO’s requirements, and she did a fantastic job as deputy leader. She is accessible, responsive and has her feet firmly planted on the ground among working people, says Madland.

Previously, Rogaland Ap has made it clear that they want Tajik back in the Ap leadership.

Hadia Tajik was deputy leader of the Labor Party from 2015 until she resigned in March 2022 in connection with several commuter housing cases. Since then, the party has only had one deputy leader, Bjørnar Skjæran and it is expected that he will continue. This despite what most perceive as a rather grey and anonymous appearance in his first term as deputy leader.

It is common knowledge that the party wants to have two deputy leaders.

Education Minister Tonje Brenna (35) has also entered the race for the position of deputy leader. She is considered a favourite for the position and it is expected that she will eventually enter the duo with Skjæran.

The entire Ap leadership is up for election, but it is only the deputy leader election that is associated with tension.

Hadia Tajik is currently the only real challenger to the other two candidates. Trond Giske is wanted by many, especially in Trøndelag, but his chances are considered to be so small that he is unlikely to make a play. A bench proposal may come, but is unlikely to get enough votes.

Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre is not up for election, but it is considered likely that there may be strong criticism of the party leader at the national meeting.

A bench proposal for a new party leader is also not ruled out, given the extremely pressured situation the party is in, with a massive loss of voters in all opinion polls. See case below.

Who will become Ap deputy leader in addition to Skjæran, will become clear during the national meeting of the Labor Party, which will take place from 4 to 6 May in Folkets Hus in Oslo.

Many are waiting with excitement and anticipation for what will be said from the podium during this meeting.

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