Frp leader Sylvi Listhaug says that Norway cannot wait for a teacher to be killed before action is taken against violence in schools.

It cannot be a right for a student to destroy the teaching for other students and the teacher, she says to VG.

She says teachers have been seriously threatened and injured because they have been exposed to violence.

One in four primary school teachers are exposed to violence and threats, says Listhaug, and refers to research from the Norwegian Institute of the Working Environment published earlier this year.

I am afraid that lives will be lost before Norway wakes up. Education Minister Tonje Brenna recently presented an education legislation of over 700 pages, where violence in the classroom was hardly a topic. Knowledge and competence are great, but if there is chaos in the classroom, it destroys all the basis for learning, says Listhaug, who is a qualified teacher herself.

She believes people have to understand how it is in schools today, where students terrorise the classroom; the teacher and fellow students. This must be met with strict measures.

We are not going back to the Spanish pipe, or ruler where the teacher raps the students, but if you come into a situation where you are afraid of your own health or that students are threatened, it should be clear that you as a teacher have the authority to take action. Today you have emergency rights, but you have to go a long way before you can intervene. New legislation needs to be put in place, which we proposed on Tuesday, but which we did not get through, says Listhaug.

The FrP leader ends with a kick to the Conservative Party, which she believes is exactly the same as the Labor Party.

We really have an alternative policy to the government. The Conservative Party and the government pursue almost the same policy in most areas, whether it is electricity or taxes. The Conservative Party will, among other things, raise the petrol tax, says Listhaug.

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