Aleksander Engevik is the leader of Bjerke Venstre, and accuses the author J.K. Rowling for supporting genocide. Photo: Twitter/ Engevik

Aleksander Engevik is leader of Bjerke Venstre and finds the need to accuse the author J.K. Rowling for leaning towards genocide.

This is the level we now experience from Norwegian politicians in a party that previously described itself as liberal and partly conservative.

Engevik reacts to Astrid Meland defending Rowling in a comment in VG. She is not transphobic, according to Meland.

Rowling says it in the same way as the undersigned: Trans doesn’t bother me. It is the trans activists who constitute a pure plague for society.

Rowling became an object of hatred when she pointed out that only women can menstruate. This is to be considered genocide, according to a local leader in the Liberal Party.

In a supplementary comment, Engevik writes:

To be neutral in the “trans debate” is not to try to compare both sides to show that both are equally bad.

The only way to be neutral is by not participating in the debate.

If you choose to support Rowling, you have chosen the side where people will commit genocide.

If one is to be accused of genocide, one should at least have committed some form of violence. There is nothing to suggest that Rowling is guilty of such activities. But we know that trans activists often resort to violence, often biological men who attack women, or rape them and end up in a women’s prison afterwards because the LGBTQ madness has won out.

Nina Hjerpset-Østlie, who also previously wrote for Document and now runs the website, reacts strongly on Facebook:

Has the value of words totally lost their meaning to the left?

“Genocide” has thus become synonymous with “dissenter”. Trivialization, much?

The way Liberal leader Aleksander Engevik and like-minded people are talking now is not working and has no – at least should not have – place in enlightened, civilised societies!

It is not difficult to agree with Hjerpset-Østlie here. But Engevik seems to swallow raw the gross lies that trans activists keep coming up with: that there is a killing spree against trans people that is reminiscent of genocide. The lie is so ridiculous that it is only suitable for humiliation, as Orwell predicted.

What does Venstre leader Guri Melby think of such statements? We have sent a request for comment, but will probably not get a response today, as it is a public holiday.

We will enter a possible response in the case if it reaches us.

In the meantime, Engevik can shut up. This is one of the most idiotic things I have seen from a Norwegian politician in a long time, and here the competition is fierce.

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