A “large number” of points in the Tidö agreement may never become reality, Johan Pehrson announces, with the idea being that they should not be carried out either.

This is what the Liberals leader Johan Pehrson says in an interview with HD/Sydsvenskan.

There are many points in the Tidöavtalet that will be difficult to implement when they are well investigated because they must be tested against EU law and international conventions.

Since Sweden is bound by international conventions, voters should be prepared for the fact that many of the points on the Tidö Agreement will never be implemented.

The proposals must first be investigated to check whether the proposals comply with EU law, the Swedish constitution, the European Convention and international conventions etc.

The Tidö agreement is indeed a work plan, a document for the mandate period, says Johan Pehrson and emphasises that it is not at all a list of legislative changes that will actually become reality.

The Tidö agreement is the government parties’ work plan for the governing parties, Moderates, Christian Democrats and Liberals, with the Sweden Democrats a supporting party outside the government.

For SD, it is the question of immigration in particular that matters. But it does not appear that they have any particular reason to hope for any improvement.

The proposals which, according to the Tidö agreement, are to reduce immigration must first be investigated, often taking several years, before they can be put forward as proposals – a process which has attracted criticism.

Johan Pehrson now says that there is unlikely to be any reduction in the massive immigration to Sweden. This is of great importance since, in addition to being a leader, Pehrson also sits as Minister for Employment and Integration in the government.

Four days ago, Pehrson said he was sceptical about the Tidö agreement.

There are liberals who think, just like me, that the revelations are anything but positive, says the party leader to Dagens industri.

If we don’t tackle integration and put a stop to serious crime, it will get even worse.

How Pehrson thinks that one will be able to fight crime and strengthen integration with over 100,000 new immigrants every year is difficult to understand.

To Dagens Industri, the integration minister also refers to the Tidö agreement as a work plan.

It’s a work plan and we’re anchored in the centre, a bourgeois party with a strong social sense.

SD will probably react strongly to the developments. They have recently been below the threshold in opinion polls.

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