Yale University hosted a speaker last week who is known for promoting anti-Semitic views, including justifying the killing of Jews and Israelis, the Daily Mail writes.

Houria Bouteldja, who has also been to Norway, has expressed hatred towards Jews, Israel and white people. She was invited to speak and supported by Yale’s DEI program – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion known as “Belonging at Yale.” She was invited to speak about France and Whiteness.

Bouteldja’s 2017 book, “Whites, Jews, and Us,” calls for the dismantling of Israel and expresses outright anti-Semitism.

Bouteldja also blames the Jews for their near extermination by the Nazis and expresses hatred towards white people. She believes the Jews tolerated the Nazis and turned a blind eye to them when they did not harm them, but also non-European people. She claims that they cultivated Nazism, and are therefore responsible for it.

She said:

Killing an Israeli is killing two birds with one stone, as you eliminate both an oppressor and an oppressed.

Bouteldja spoke at Yale on the second night of the Jewish holy celebration of Pesach (Passover), making it nearly impossible for Jews to participate, challenge her views or raise important questions.

In March 2012, following the murder of a rabbi and three children in Toulouse, France, by radical Islamist Mohammed Merah, Bouteldja declared “Mohammed Merah is me.”

Bouteldja in Norway

Three years later, Bouteldja was a guest at Litteraturhuset in the program “The World after Charlie”, where the debate in 2015 was about the underlying causes and long-term consequences of the terrorist attacks in both Paris and Copenhagen. She was titled as the French anti-racist Houria Bouteldja in Aftenposten. Bouteldja is originally from Algeria. She has also been interviewed by Klassekampen on two occasions, the first time, in 2007, she says that Islamophobia is accepted.

Bouteldja also expresses hatred towards white people, defining them as people who subjugate, plunder, steal, rape and commit genocide. She hates the good conscience of the whites and curses it. According to her, every white person must take and steal, like a gangster, a bully and a thug:

She also writes off victims of Islamic terror such as 9/11, the July 7 London Underground bombing and Charlie Hebdo:

Bombs explode in the subway. Tower … collapses like a house of cards. The journalists of a well-known magazine have been decimated. … [But] they are all white.

Yale University has long been known for its commitment to diversity, justice and inclusion, but it has not been without controversy, writes the Daily Mail.

In the past, the administration and students have been accused of suppressing statements challenging the school’s DEI perspective, with this leading to cases of harassment and threats against individuals who express dissenting views.

In 2015, professors and married couple Nicholas and Erika Christakis resigned from the faculty after they had been stalked and harassed by students for days. The incident occurred after Erika questioned whether the campus DEI office needed to provide guidelines for students’ Halloween costumes.

In 2021, a Yale law student was summoned to the “diversity police” and threatened with negative references from the university for writing a joke in an email. The student was branded a racist, even though he was a descendant of the American indigenous people.

In 2022, police had to escort two speakers from campus due to a mob of over 100 law students attempting to stop a free speech debate between two lawyers, a liberal atheist and a conservative Christian.

Henry Kopel writes in the Washington Examiner that Yale has the right to host Bouteldjas even if she is filled with hate. But still, we must be able to ask important questions about the university’s double standards.

How can Yale justify hosting such a preacher of hate after allowing the public hanging and institutional shaming of Nicholas and Erika Christakis for their innocent statements?

And why did Yale schedule this anti-Semitic speaker to appear on the second day of the Pesach celebration, preventing most Jews from attending and challenging her?

Ironically, only a week earlier Yale hosted Dara Horn, author of the book “People Love Dead Jews”. Horn, a Jewish novelist, documented the fact that many institutions that commemorate the Holocaust still exhibit significant bias and hostility toward both Israel and observant Jews.

It seems that diverse, anti-racist Yale also loves its dead Jews, Kopel concludes, while not having much left for those supposedly alive:

It seems that Yale, diverse, anti-racist Yale, also loves its dead Jews. The live ones, not so much.



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