The media is about to whip itself up into Trump hysteria for the nth time. There is a lot at stake. The media hates Trump, but can’t help but report his slightest move. They suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. But the audience doesn’t, not to the same degree.In the past, the public has followed along, but now they have turned against the media. It is Trump who gets the sympathy of the majority.

The media reported live from the time the Trump plane took off and landed in New York.

Good legal minds get the opportunity to show their analytical skills, such as Andy McCarthy who is no Trump fan, but still calls the indictment a disgrace.

Trump hired a new lawyer, Todd Blanche, on Monday from one of the city’s well-known law firms. The same one who defended Paul Manafort.

Trump has called for a speech outside Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday if he makes it back, not a rally as we were sad to write.

But how much can he say on the matter? Not much if the experts are to be believed. They think he will be silenced about the case by the judge.

Manhattan Acting Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, who is expected to oversee the arraignment, may move to put conditions on Trump’s release following the proceedings, which will “most likely” include a gag order that would prevent him from publicly discussing the case.

But Trump will not find himself unable to comment on the political situation where the Democrats are using the judiciary as a political weapon.

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