Gothenburg has fallen. It was Hanif Bali’s comment on the image of young “Arab” men screaming and bullying away Christians who want to preach the word of God in Nordstan in Gothenburg. For these young men there is only one god – Allah – and he is a zealous god who tolerates no competitors.

It was on Saturday that the Christian group distributed material and sermons in Nordstan. A group of young people surrounded and then tried to disturb the preachers.

They have done this several times. There is still a connection between their religious holiday and their actions, says one of the preachers to Samnytt.

Law enforcement officers turned the gang away from the scene.

This is dominance culture to the nth power: People take over and seize the public space.

Those Europeans who believe that this is a marginal phenomenon will have to think again.

This is a warning of what is to come. In the end, you will sneak along the house walls and be glad you are allowed to go to church. But out in public you are not allowed to show yourself with your faith.

This is what the future looks like – not just in Gothenburg.

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