From 2 May, all asylum seekers get free public transport in Oslo and Viken. – A welcome to everyone who comes to the country, says Sirin Stav (MDG) in Oslo City Council.

The offer of free public transport starts from May 2nd this year and includes all journeys with Ruter, Brakar and Østfold public transport, Klassekampen writes.

NTB reports on the case.

The red-green city council in Oslo has stepped forward for this offer and the city council for the environment and transport in Oslo, Sirin Stav (MDG), talks about this new and generous offer to all asylum seekers:

We want to give a welcome to everyone who comes to our country, who often have empty pockets and find themselves in a difficult life situation, says Sirin Stav (MDG), city councilor for the environment and transport in Oslo.

Until now, this scheme applied only to Ukrainian refugees. But now it will apply to all asylum seekers, no matter where in the world they come from and no matter what reasons they have to give for applying for asylum.

As long as they are here, they can travel for free by bus, tram and rail in Oslo and Viken.

The offer will be a trial scheme that will last for one year.

However, the scheme will not apply to undocumented refugees, who are not considered ordinary asylum seekers. It will be difficult to implement such an arrangement in practice if you do not have any documentation that can prove your own status.

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