The school board in Florida has approved that a law that prohibits teachers from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation in classrooms will apply to students up to the 12th grade.

The law – which in the American media is called the “don’t say gay” law – was introduced by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is the Republicans’ new rising star.

The extension of the law is effective in one month. It prohibits teachers from providing training on gender identity and sexual orientation, if there is no requirement for it in the state guidelines. Pupils can then choose not to participate in those lessons.

Previously such a law prohibited this up to fourth grade.

In addition, NTB writes that the law prohibits teachers from talking about the topic in the classrooms. There is a lack of precision in the description.

  1. First: Trans activists and their supporters on the left introduced the term “don’t say gay” law, even though the law does not contain the word gay at all. Disney and other woke companies also jumped on the bandwagon. DeSantis responded by hitting back hard against Disney in particular, who lost special rights that the company had for decades.
  2. Secondly: What the law is about is teaching in class. DeSantis says no to the propaganda the LGBTQ mob is introducing all over the Western world, which is especially directed at young children. In Florida’s case, the law prohibited children from 6 to 9 years of age from being taught sexual preferences, trans ideology, homosexuality and gender theories in kindergarten and up to third grade.

What made the entire LGBTQ mafia click mentally was this:

In Florida, they were no longer allowed to start brainwashing the children before they were about 9 years old.

Such teaching has already been introduced in a number of Norwegian kindergartens, where 4-year-olds are indoctrinated that they can choose their own gender identity.

Furthermore, there is no prohibition that says the teachers cannot talk to the students in the classroom. If a student has problems and questions related to sexuality and gender identity, the student can contact the teacher on his own initiative and get answers during the break. The ban applies to teaching (indoctrination) in plenums.

The extension of the law in Florida will now include teaching up to the 12th grade, where the pupils are 17-18 years old. The LGBTQ ideologues will of course rage against the law, which they believe will create prejudice against LGBTQ people, according to the New York Post.

Critics, who dubbed the initial ban the “Don’t Say Gay” law, counter that it foments prejudice against the LGBTQ community.

On the other hand, a clear majority of the school pupils’ parents support the law.

The issue plagued school board meetings in Florida and beyond, where some parents complained about the circulation of age-inappropriate and sometimes sexually explicit materials in their kids’ classrooms.

Teachers and other school staff encouraged children to change their gender identity without informing their parents. The Biden regime obviously supported the trans lobby.

“Make no mistake, this is part of a disturbing and dangerous trend that we’re seeing across the country of legislation that are anti-LGBTQI+, anti-trans in a way we have not seen in some time,” White House Press Secretary Jean -Pierre said as the initial bill advanced last year.

The culture war continues, and DeSantis chooses the right side in this matter. DeSantis is expected to run for president in 2024, as a competitor to Donald Trump. But for now, Trump is clearly ahead in the various opinion polls.

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