Most of the bomb attacks in Sweden are never solved, with only a small number of perpetrators ending up in court, announces Sveriges Radio.

Sweden is ravaged by serious crime, where, among other things, attacks with bombs and grenades have become increasingly common. In large cities such as Stockholm and Malmö there are regular explosions, thoughts of a civil war are imminent.

Even though the Swedish police are working hard to follow up on all this brutal violence, the results of their work are not particularly impressive. The statistics on convictions after bombings are startling.

Only 6 percent of bomb attacks in Sweden result in someone being convicted in court, according to a review carried out by Sweden’s Radio Ekot.

The radio channel has mapped how many bomb attacks in Sweden have been solved during a two-year period.

NTB-TT reports on the case.

The findings show that only 12 out of a total of 186 bomb attacks have ended with someone being convicted for having planned or been behind the explosion.

Many will be as surprised by the low conviction rates and will be alarmed by the high number of attacks.

Bomb attacks have become more frequent in Sweden in recent years, often linked to issues between criminal elements. According to Swedish police, criminals detonate bombs to intimidate and threaten or to commit revenge attacks against each other. Often causing extensive damage to buildings.

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