Amsterdam Airport Schiphol plans to ban private jets.

The decision comes five months after a high-profile climate action in which hundreds of activists on bicycles blocked private planes at Schiphol, writes Dagens Nyheter.

Schiphol outside Amsterdam is one of Europe’s largest hubs and on Tuesday the airport presented a series of measures to reduce noise levels for nearby residents, as well as reduce carbon emissions “in line with the Paris Agreement”.

No planes will be allowed to take off or land after midnight, and private jets will be banned.

The reason stated is that planes create a disproportionate amount of noise and carbon dioxide emissions per passenger.

“For far too long we have thought too much about growth and too little about the effects. We must be sustainable for our employees, for the local environment and for the world,” says a statement from the airport.

The new rules come after the Dutch government proposed to reduce the airport’s capacity by 12 percent – from 500,000 to 440,000 flights by 2024.

But the ban on private jets is also being unveiled five months after a high-profile cycling action at the airport, where at least 200 cycling climate activists prevented private jets from taking off by cycling around the runway with security guards running after them.

Greenpeace International describes the decision from Schiphol as “a victory” that comes “after months of protests”.

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