President Joe Biden will run for re-election as the Democrats’ presidential candidate next year, he says in an interview with NBC Today.

President Joe Biden appears to be ready to stand in a new presidential election in the United States, in the fall of 2024.

– I plan to run, but we are not ready to announce it yet, says Biden in an interview with Al Roker in NBC Today.

NTB-Reuters reports on the case.

Initially, the numbers do not look very promising for Biden’s candidacy. He is far from a popular president.

In a poll conducted for CNN two days ago, only 32 percent of respondents said that Biden deserves a second term in the White House. Many will think it is startlingly weak, and a thin basis for standing for re-election.

Biden is 80 years old and has been president since January 2021. Few would argue that he appears distinctly youthful for his age.

But the presidential election in the United States will, as you know, have (at least) two candidates, and Biden’s chances will depend on who he is running against. This has not yet been finally clarified, as the Republicans have not chosen their candidate yet.

But former president Donald Trump (76) has already signed up for the race.

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