Play had to be halted at the World Snooker Championship on Monday after protesters vandalised one table and attempted to chain themselves to another.

This is reported by NTB, but they use the term demonstrators, and do not mention what kind of demonstrators it is about. This is somewhat strange, since a T-shirt with the text Just Stop Oil is clearly visible in the photos attached to the case.

Just Stop Oil is an extreme, hysterical group of climate activists who have been terrorising the British for a long time, including the blocking several motorways. This has meant that ambulances on call have been prevented from getting to emergencies and thousands of Britons have not been able to get to work.

Journalists who have followed the demonstrations have in several cases been arrested by the police. Some of the climate idiots have also been arrested, but as a rule they have been released again in a short time, so that they can continue their actions.

Television images from the scene show a protester who suddenly climbs onto table one, sits down and throws an orange-coloured powder over himself.

At the same time, another protester allegedly tried to chain himself to table number two, the BBC reports.

The game was immediately stopped as a result of the actions.

The demonstrators were taken out by security guards after a short time. One of them is said to have worn a t-shirt with the inscription “just stop the oil”.

Robert Milkins and Joe Perry were playing on the first table when the protesters struck while Mark Allen and Fan Zhengyi were in action on the second table.

The championship is being played in Sheffield, England.

A snooker table is extremely expensive, and the snooker tables used in the WC probably cost many hundreds of thousands of kroner. It is unclear whether the tables can be repaired, and what this will cost.

Stephen Hendry, who has won the World Cup seven times, tells the BBC:

I have never seen that before at a snooker event. It’s a first. For me, straight away as a snooker player I am thinking: ‘Is the table recoverable?’ We don’t know what that is on the table.

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