China has started large-scale military exercises around Taiwan in response to Taiwan’s president going to the United States and being met by American politicians. Aircraft and ships have crossed the centreline of the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan says it is monitoring the moves closely.

The exercises were announced on the night of Saturday Central European Time (CET) and will last from Saturday to Monday.

China will hold exercises in the Taiwan Strait and north, south and east of Taiwan “as planned”, says a statement from the army.

The exercises are underway, China’s army stated a few hours after the announcement on the night of Saturday CET.

The exercises are a serious warning against Taiwan’s separatist forces, which cooperate with external forces, the statement says. (NTB)

42 aircraft crossed into Taiwan’s airspace and eight ships crossed the centerline of the strait.

President Tsai Ing-wen met with the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, in California along with large delegations from both sides.

Taiwanese citizens see themselves more and more as an independent nation and a large majority do not want to come under China’s rule in any way.

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